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This series of 25 images are of sculptures I created using pieces of burnt wood.  The pieces of charcoal were washed, brushed, then assembled and captured using a high resolution scanner.  The images were then refined and transformed into a series of abstract photographic works.


These sculptures do not contain any anthropomorphic reference nor do they have any representational intent.  Much like Rorschach blots, they are made to be contemplated.  They may trigger different responses, a phenomenon called Paredolia, much like looking at clouds and seeing different things.


I have had the privilege of meeting and observing the work of great abstract artists such as Armand Vaillancourt and Pierre Moretti.  Both artists have often used burnt wood as well as the burning of wood as a technique in several of their works.  Their influence on me and on this series of images is direct.  I will continue to add more sculptures to this series as time moves forward.


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